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We connect Nickersons to their roots and preserve our shared history for all to enjoy. The “Nickerson House” and grounds are open to the public.

Nickerson Family Association
& Caleb Nickerson Homestead: Celebrating 125 Years!

Welcome to the Nickerson Family Association of Chatham, Mass. We were founded in June 1897 and celebrated our 125th year in 2022. As caretakers of the Nickerson family name and properties, it’s our duty to preserve and share the history of the Nickersons in equal measure.

We offer genealogy services to those with a Nickerson connection, but anybody is free to join our association and support our vision of shaping the future by preserving our heritage.

Our “Nickerson House” (circa 1829) and the accompanying grounds are open for public and private access. Click here for location and hours.

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Fabulous tool

The Association is a great idea and the database has been a fabulous tool in helping me track down my genetic cousins. There is a Y DNA connection between some Nickersons & the clansmen of Highland Scotland! I’ll let you know when I find it.

Mestre Mick, UK

Fascinating Place

The Nickerson family association is a fascinating place with lots of history and incredible volunteers. My aunt and I met with the genealogist and she was so knowledgeable about the Nickersons. She helped me tremendously with my genealogy search and we bought an incredible book with the Nickerson family information!

Julie Ann Bates, MA