Archaeologist says NFA’s 17th C dig will be studied “for years to come”

“We’re going to be studying this site for years to come,” says archaeologist Craig Chartier, speaking of the excavation of William and Anne (Busby) Nickerson’s c. 1664 homestead, a project sponsored by the Nickerson Family Association, Inc., (NFA).

Chartier, director of the Plymouth Archaeological Rediscovery Project, has been directing the dig since July 30. The project has two more weeks to go; an additional month was added because at about 24-by-44-feet, the house is much larger than originally thought.

It rained and then drizzled almost up to the 2 p.m. start of the Celebration of Massachusetts Archaeology Month at the NFA’s 17th century dig last Friday. But the rain and the 55-degree weather didn’t stop about 35 intrepid souls from donning their rubber shoes, boots and jackets to tour the excavation of William and Anne homestead and to hear Chartier’s interpretation of the site. Afterwards the group warmed up over cider and cider donuts in the warm and welcoming Caleb Nickerson Homestead.