Nickerson Cookout Postponed

After much consideration, the Board of the Nickerson Family Association, Inc. has postponed the family cookout scheduled for Sept. 12, 2021, due to the challenges of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. We hope to reschedule the event for next spring.

This was not an easy decision, but we are certain it is the right one.We are obliged to keep our guests safe, and not put them in harm’s way. When we planned this event, the number of those vaccinated against the coronavirus on the Cape and in Massachusetts was very high, which resulted in a significant reduction in the number of COVID cases. In fact, Barnstable County was one the best places to be in the state and the country. Now, with the Delta variant and likely the influx of summer visitors, the numbers are increasing once again. Barnstable County numbers are now higher than other areas in the state. So, we feel it prudent to delay this event and not risk any possible issues with this gathering.

We ask for your understanding during these trying times, and wish you the best in the coming months.