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You are cordially invited to become part of the Nickerson Family Association.  You don’t have to be a descendant of William and Anne (Busby) Nickerson to join.  Membership is open to all, friends and family alike.

By being a member, you help us further the research of our Nickerson Family. It is our goal to document every Nickerson descendant and ancestor and frankly, this takes a lot of work.

Your annual dues are very important. They help to offset the cost of our Nickerson Family Newsletter and help the organization take a step further in recording our history. We are cost effective: most of our work is performed by volunteers.

Did you know the Nickerson Family Association was founded over 150 years ago?  As a Nickerson, you should be proud.  The Nickerson Family Association has never been as active in collecting Nickerson Genealogy information as it is now!

Our goal is to have you remembered forever. We have over 10 generations of information so far and we are adding constantly!  Children being born today could well be the 13th or 14th generation.  We have far to go in documenting everyone.  It’s unbelievable how big this project is. This is why we need your help.

Thank you!

“Few people have a family so dedicated to maintaining our historical records. It’s great to be a Nickerson!”
Jon Case Nickerson

“Two hundred years from now, one of my descendants could be reading about me and even see my picture! I know no better cause. Thank you to the unsung heroes that are behind the scene as volunteers and the other members for their continued support!”
Diego Rodriguez Nickerson

“We are the guardians of our history. I am happy to be an annual supporter! My grandpa would be so proud of me.”
Denny Nickerson