“He who has no feelings of veneration for his predecessors should expect none from those who follow him.”

NFA Founder, William Emery Nickerson

“Endowing the Future: Exciting Times!”

In order for our work to continue, an Endowment Fund with a $1 million goal has been established. To date it has grown to $350,000 with new contributions all the time. Bequests and Memorial contributions augment the Endowment Fund Campaign regularly by those who have provided for NFA in their estate planning.

The Endowment Fund income is to be applied primarily to energizing our plans for writing the 8th generation biographies of The Nickerson Family and to make the NFA information more accessible to members through electronic records.

This endeavor requires researching twice as many individuals as have been recorded and published in the first seven generations, an endeavor that required 100 years of effort. Today, we have better information resources, but the task will be neither easy nor inexpensive. It is the Number One priority of the Nickerson Family Association’s Board of Directors. Please support this important genealogy work in any way you can!

Other ways to give

By Mail

You may send your check to:
Nickerson Family Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 296
North Chatham, MA, 02650-0296


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Thank you for your continued support!