Welcome to the 125thAnniversary year of the Nickerson Family Association!

We hosted a fun “Togethering” weekend from Sept. 9 to 11 in Chatham and Harwich. Highlights included a Friday evening wine party at the NFA campus, a full day Saturday at the historic 1836 South Harwich Meeting House, and a cookout at the NFA on Sunday. Speakers included the entertaining Cape Cod historian Duncan Oliver and archaeologist Craig Chartier.

Back in 1897, William Emery Nickerson of Boston invited “the Nickerson clan” to a first-ever reunion on June 19. Nickersons from as far away as Chicago stepped off the trains in Chatham while Cape Cod Nickersons poured into Chatham “by teams and barges.”

The Boston Globe, which covered the gala event, dubbed the reunion a “Nickerson day in this Nickerson town.” The reunion also coincided, almost to the day, with the 260thanniversary of the Nickerson family’s arrival from England on The John and Dorothyor The Rose. This year, 2022, marks the 385thanniversary of the Nickerson and Busby families’ arrival.