The Nickerson Genealogy Research Center is open on Wednesdays year-round from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The “Nick Gifts” store is also open; credit cards are accepted.

Please enjoy a walking tour of our campus during daylight hours. You can take selfies outside the picturesque Caleb Nickerson Homestead, a circa-1829 antique Cape with three hearths and a working beehive oven. Peep into the reproduction post-and-beam outhouse built by our period carpenter. See what is growing and ready to harvest in the heirloom dooryard and kitchen gardens managed by our master gardener.

Walk the grounds of this historic landmark where Chatham’s first English settlers made their home in 1664. We have several historic signs that will deepen your appreciation of both the Nickersons and the local Native Americans in Chatham. We have a commemorative rock and a sign dedicated to Squanto, the Native American who helped the Mayflower passengers through the first, tough winter of 1621.

Visitors of all ages welcome.

Interested in Archaeology? Follow the signs to the three-season dig, the site of William and Anne’s c. 1664 homestead.

Explore the dig site


NickDigTour is the QR code assisted tour of the dig site which can be accessed by the QR codes once they are posted or by clicking here.


NickDigGems is a larger collection of the significant artifacts recovered during the dig and can be accessed by clicking here.

2017-2022 dig reports, courtesy of Craig S. Chartier

Conservation Foundation Directing Restoration of Land and Nickerson Dig Site

The CCF Property is Adjacent to the NFA. View the goals and objectives here.