Town approves $48,000 grant for Nickerson dig

We are so pleased to announce that the voters in the Town of Chatham last week approved our $48,000 grant for the 2019 season of the excavation of William and Anne Nickerson’s c. 1664 homestead. Digging resumes July 29!

Dig at c. 1664 Homestead Unearths 17th C Horseshoe

As well as pottery, charcoal, bones and shell, the dig today at the c. 1664 homestead of William and Anne (Busby) Nickerson unearthed a 17th century horseshoe. Archaeologist Craig Chartier confirmed that the shoe belonged to a small workhorse used for pulling a cart. Another significant find today was traces of a posthole in exactly …

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NFA Dig Topic of April 10 Talk at Eldredge Public Library, Chatham

Excavations initiated by the Nickerson Family Association, Inc. in 2016 resulted in the discovery of the c. 1664 homesite of William and Anne (Busby) Nickerson in September 2017. The major find so far has been the hearth of the homestead, complete with shards of broken pottery. Other discoveries suggest William ran a local blacksmith shop, and …

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